I Literally Have Another Youth to Live

“At 57, I’m the oldest competitor to have ever won a U.S. National Tae Kwon Do championship and a Gold Medal in full-contact sparring at an international championship. Some people might think I have a rare genetic make-up that would allow me to do what I do. Yet when I started Tae Kwon Do at the age of 46, I weighed 25 pounds more, couldn’t run a block without stopping, and was experiencing the dreaded decline of aging. Instead of my being some extraordinary exception to the rule, I now know that that superior health is available to everyone!

E3Live not only delivers more protein needed for muscle growth and repair and is a rich source of phyto-nutrients, it also makes a huge impact on my emotional and mental well-being. At 57, I also experience no symptoms associated with menopause. I literally have another youth to live. Two additional benefits of E3Live have been in increased memory and keeping my mood positive.

E3Live is a breakthrough for the modern human being, something that can strengthen us in the face of today’s environmental, emotional and physical stress. E3Live is an important member of my ‘team’.”
— Mary Louise Zeller
57 year-old Tae Kwon Do
U.S. National Champion


Nothing I’ve Ever Had Before Compares to E3Live
“E3Live is the product every athlete dreams of. After only two weeks in training, I was seeing time-improvements that would normally take me two months to achieve. Nothing I’ve ever had before compares to E3Live. I’ve never loved life so much. I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to learn of such an amazing food.”
— Ky Hurst
Australian Ironman
Triathlete Champion


I Feel 15 Years-Old Again
“Professional surfing is an incredibly demanding sport, both physically and mentally. The level of competition out on the waves gets more intense all the time. The super-nutrition of E3Live has given me an amazing increase in energy and endurance. E3Live has definitely brought me to a higher level of performance. E3Live has improved my overall physical and mental health.

E3Live has absolutely done wonders in my life. When I compete in international events, I now have the strength to paddle as hard as I can, which raises my level of performance. I’ve experienced a tremendous increase in my mental quickness since I added E3 to my training regimen. I feel 15 years-old again.”
— Poncho Sullivan
Professional Surfer

Recover Faster, Less Fatigue
“After taking E3Live, I have experienced an incredible increase in my endurance. I feel like I can keep going. I have increased my times, my recovery is much, much faster, and I don’t feel fatigued at the end of my workouts, I feel energized. This food is absolutely fantastic — and VERY powerful! The results we are seeing are phenomenal.”
— Toby Angove
Endurance Sport Competitor
on Team FogDog


Elderly Dog Restored to Health

“I would highly recommend E3Live (E3 Canine) for elderly pets.

Last summer, my 12-year-old dog, Mikey, underwent a sudden decline in health. Just before he turned 12 last July, he suddenly began to have severe problems with arthritis, accompanied by lack of energy and stamina and a sinus condition that caused him to sneeze a lot…In December, a friend told me about E3 Canine. In the beginning, I gave him two teaspoons each morning on some crumbled dog biscuits.

Within a month, I was able to take him off the medicine. His health began to improve and by February, he was going for walks with me as he always had, and even running up and down the stairs! …I continue to give him one teaspoon of E3 Canine each morning and he has more energy than he has had in years, and a very beautiful coat. People who saw him last year cannot believe he is the same dog.

I am very grateful to E3Live for restoring Mikey’s health and perhaps ensuring that he will be around for years to come. ”
— Mikey & Deborah


10 Year-Old Cat Puts on Weight & Plays Like a Kitten Again


“My 10 year-old cat was having many digestive problems, he would eat, but often threw up what he ate after a while. As a result — he was looking thin and undernourished. Also he has long hair and has had troubles with hairballs ever since he was little. I tried other remedies with little or no success, but after feeding him E3 Feline, I noticed significant improvement — he kept the food down, put on weight and doesn’t have such problems with the hairballs! Plus his nice long coat is now glossy and he plays like a kitten again, thanks E3Live! ”
— Paul M.

Love the Algae!


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