Take a Time Out when living with Fibromyalgia

Sometimes, you just need a break.

Though I do not find it easy to do, I realized how important it was for me to take a time out.


Take a Time-Out!

For months I have been pouring my energies into an event –  our county’s first dog park fundraiser. Though I love to do this kind of work, and I enjoy the interaction with the volunteers, the vendors and seeing our project come to fruition – I needed a time out.

If anyone that has a business and has attended these events as vendors, you know the physical work involved in setting up your area….the lifting of the canopy, setting up tables, the organizing; I feel tired just writing about it.

I am like a balloon that has lost it’s air…pffffft, it’s time to take a time out.

I am still the caregiver

I am still a caregivier, but I try to balance my needs with the needs of my family and my two cats and my pup, Lola. Years ago, I may not have listened to my self and taken this time out. I believe that not listening to my own body’s signals  led up to the viral onset of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome., which came before my diagnosis of Fibromyalgia.

I actually did not go to my Yoga session last evening. It may have helped me with the muscle strain I am experiencing but my body said “No, I’m tired, I just want my warm epsom salt soak NOW”.

I also had an event for the dog park scheduled for this afternoon, just to set up an information table. With nobody to assist with the event,  I made the decision to cancel –  I need to take a time out.

What is important? It’s all about priorities.

I care for my 4 year old grandson  and each day with him is a new adventure.  Our daily activities take me away from my work at home and my home-based business and I tend to always be “catching up”.

He will always come before housework and business on my list of priorities.  They will always be here, and I want to enjoy these years with him now.  He keeps me moving and I treasure our time together. Sometimes, all we do is just enjoy the park, he is on the playground equipment while I just soak in the vitamin D.

I have no problem just leaving the clutter behind as we head out the door for another daily exploit. My family and friends know that I am always available, just a phone call away. It’s all about priorities and what matters to me the most.  Today, I choose to take a time out.

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