Hemp and Natural Pain Relief

Hemp Natural Pain Relief

Because Hemp is an anti-inflammatory and has amazing healing properties, it can help reduce the pain of fibromyalgia. Also, Hemp is non-addictive so people shouldn’t be afraid to try it.

Hemp seeds are a good vegetarian source of Omega-3 fatty acids. which help to reduce inflammation, and may reduce your risk of heart disease. They may also play a role in helping memory and cognition, which some of us experience when living with fibromyalgia.

Hemp —how is it different from Marijuana?

Hemp and marijuana both come from the same species of plant—cannabis.


However, hemp is generally harvested from a subspecies of the Cannabis genus, which, unlike marijuana, has virtually no psychoactive properties.

Hemp varieties are grown for their seed, oil, and fiber, whereas marijuana is grown for medicinal, recreational, and spiritual purposes.

Hemp Seed — Powerhouse of Nutrition

Studies have shown that often proper nutrition can be an important factor in treating or curing illnesses, diseases and conditions, making Hemp seed and hemp seed oil excellent choices, as they are nutritionally dense.

Hemp seeds contain all of the essential amino acids, making it a complete source of protein and is easy for the body to assimilate. Just by adding three tablespoons of hemp seeds to a salad or smoothie adds 10 grams of high-quality edestin protein, (the protein closest to human globulin), magnesium, phosphorus, iron and zinc.

Hemp may help reduce the signs of depression and help with sleep disturbances, as well as help with the symptoms associated with stress, which many people living with fibromyalgia deal with.

Pets also can benefit from Hemp

“Due to their influence on inflammatory processes such as arthritis, dietary supplementation with omega fatty acids-such as found in hemp seed oil, has generated considerable interest in the medical and scientific communities regarding veterinary health.

Enhanced Omega intake has been associated with a reduction in the incidence and severity of coronary artery disease, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, as well as immune mediated joint, renal, gastrointestinal, respiratory and skin disease. In addition to their role in disease prevention and treatment, this class of fatty acids has also been implicated as an aid to athletic performance.”

Arleigh J Reynolds, DMV, PhD, DACVN, Assistant Professor of Clinical Nutrition, College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University


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