Feeling Thankful

Feeling Thankful

Living with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Myofascial Pain Disorder and the myriad of symptoms and conditions that accompany each, I never run out of material to write about.  Lately, though, I have been guilty of not posting, though I have been researching a subject that I knew would be of interest to the followers of this site.

It’s the month of Thanksgiving and on Facebook, there are some of us that are taking the time each day to post what we are grateful for. My list, I noticed, are things that serve to keep me well, less stressed, which helps me to stay ahead of the pain.  Instead of writing my usual post, I wanted to share my list with you of some of the things I am grateful for in my life.

I am Grateful for my Neighborhood

I am fortunate to live in a quiet neighborhood with friendly neighbors. As a bonus, a river runs through our small town, and alongside my back yard. We installed a large window for the view of the river and the trees with their seasonal colors.

DCP_0026There is also a path along the river that I like to walk, conveniently located outside my back door.  The walking has helped to keep my muscles strong and flexible, as I also live with the challenges of Sacro Iliac Joint Dysfunction (SIJD).

I am Grateful for my Grandson

I am grateful for having the opportunity to take care of my grandson. From the time he came into the world, until now, four and a half years later, I have been his care-giver. In the beginning, my muscles were not strong, they were what the doctor referred to as “deconditoned”.

Anyone who has taken care of an infant knows, a child in an infant seat is heavy and my grandson has always been a big boy. I admit there were those days I felt like giving up. I did go to the doctor complaining about chronic internal pain, but as my grandson got older and was able to help himself into the car seat and crawl into the shopping carts, the pain magically disappeared.

My grandson has taught me to be playful, to not take life too seriously. I look forward to his arrival each day and love the hugs he gives to his Nanny. I will be grieving just as I did for my own children when he goes to Kindergarten next year.

I am Grateful for my Pup, Lola


Up To No Good…lol

The other day, my grandson and I had such a wonderful time, just walking through town on the railroad tracks and hiking along the river with my pup, Lola.

I am grateful for my fur-baby who provides companionship and lots of exercise for me. She also makes sure I don’t over-sleep and that I get up at a decent hour to feed her and let her go outside! She and my grandson are the same age and are like siblings, playing and wrestling.

She will even take off with a toy knowing he will run after her trying to retrieve it. Lola has even made it her mission of settling in with my grandson for his nap, allowing him to sleep on her and be his pillow. She is like a protective angel.

I am Grateful for the People I meet each day

I have come to know the other young parents and grandparents at the playgroups and pre-school that my grandson attends. I respond to Mommy, too, from my grandson, just as I mistakenly call him Lola from time to time! People with multiple children know how that is, especially on a fibro-foggy day.

I had a loss recently in my family, and it was a comfort for me to stay busy with my grandson, to participate in his activities. The housework and chores will always be here, but these moments with him will soon be gone. I will have more time to post to my site later,which will also help fill the void.

I continue with a weekly Yoga class and more recently have learned of an aqua aerobics class in town that I am planning to attend. I am not sure how I will respond to the cold night air as I exit the warm building at the end of class, I’ll let you know how it goes!

To read more about my journey living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia – click here.




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