Morgellon’s Disease – natural relief

Being dismissed as hysterical, a hypochondriac or having some kind of psychosis; people living with fibromyalgia have had to endure this unprofessional treatment. Other disorders, too, have caused their victims to be subject to the same type of maltreatment— Morgellons being one of these.

Morgellons emerged when a South Carolina mother was researching the […]

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Coconut Oil’s Health Benefits for Dogs


My dog Lola is addicted to coconut oil. I, too, love coconut oil and use it for cooking, as a replacement for butter and for skin care. I wanted to find out if it is as good for dogs as it is for us humans!

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT’s)

Most of the saturated fats […]

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Keeping Weight Loss Simple!

Keeping weight loss simple. That’s what we all want to do – especially when living with a chronic disorder like Fibromyalgia, we already have enough challenges in our life.

Personally, I am not someone that can stick to a strict eating regimen. I have finally found a program that is simple, and incorporates a few […]

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